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Scandal - &⽨

С:   Խ:
  • Ÿ & ٳ׽ - Scandal
  • Y2J Yoo young jin Thats the way
  • We came straight game wit
  • it straight off the chain wit it
  • Look but oant touch we the illest true pimps at it
  • collaboration locked with millitary flusion
  • Takin ova da globe without any hesituation
  • Envision total domination
  • Taking circus out with sniper scupe prepision
  • So just back up back up Yo way up way up
  • Or youll get voself smacked up
  • like it pad we hitem up
  • Too cold to hold yo we too hot to handle
  • Ladies are you ready
  • bout to hitcha wit dis scandal
  • ¾ ۵
  • Baggy Դ° Ŀ Ŵ°
  • ù 뿣 ٶ ұ Its you
  • ϳε
  • Girl I got you stuck on me
  • ΰ ȿ ִ°
  • Hot step show me θ ɾ
  • Ͱ
  • Break that away Ҽ °
  • Just you and me Pop lets get it on tonight
  • I know what I know what I know I show
  • By the time I finish youll be somming for more
  • ̸ܾ͸  ü
  • Dont try to step pistol whipped is how youll end
  • Flippin the script I just aun dun it again
  • װ͸ ڶ
  • ۵Ǵ Crunky Pop
  • Now let see who can get down
  • ΰ
  • ȿ ִ° show down lets party
  • Ѱ ° Pump your body
  • Just you and me Pop we got to battle tonight
  • ʸ ƴ° ȿ ο ޵ °
  • ǥϰ ʹ ȿ ־
  • Yo baby boo you know what you do
  • shakin that thang left
  • and right makin all the boys drool
  • sweat rollin like-hot wax on a candle
  • Getting me thinking bout how
  • Im about to handle it cus yo lips
  • be so fresh n so clean
  • But understand that in the man
  • Ill give you whatcha need sayin please
  • Tickle you soo good youll puckle up in va knees
  • Yeah~~ Its you
  • Just ride tonite just ride tonite
  • just ride be right
  • Show down lets party
  • Oh Oh Oh Oh
  • Pump your body Ҽ °
  • Ѿ Ÿö Lets party all night long
  • Hot step show me θ ɾ
  • Break that away °
  • Just you and me Pop lets get it on tonight
  • END

  • ޸ĸ


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