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Genesis of Aquarion梧簡 - AKINO

忖悶寄弌:   斤醜:
  • 埴がくり卦し寄繁になって
  • 採業も採業もhくへ佩って
  • 便るWが 蓄れないWが
  • くしゃくしゃになったとしても
  • Wo´´
  • 埴の兆を梧うために´
  • AKINO&Bless4-Genesis of Aquarion
  • }のアクエリオン 携觚
  • 恬~済卆鏥v[
  • 恬爆際冫阿茲ψ咫隠慝消苧
  • ヌ際冫阿茲ψ咫隠慝消苧
  • I remember sitting with you
  • Underneath the tree of life
  • We listened to every fainted cry
  • Of the creatures there on the day the world began
  • Looking at everything that I¨ve lost
  • And almost everything that I¨ve loved
  • I¨ll hold them all tightly in my arms
  • Wondering where I am
  • so please tell me where to go
  • All of the answers you seek lie hidden in the sun
  • If I hadn¨t met you my life
  • would¨ve been in the darkness forever
  • In my wings are the powers of immortality
  • But by meeting you my whole life has changed
  • You give light to me hope to me
  • strength into my life
  • All this time these twelve thousand years
  • I know 曚靴討
  • Eight thousand years from the time
  • that I¨ve met you my love grows strong than ever before
  • Words can¨t say of this time
  • I¨ve been waiting to share my love with you
  • I¨d give my lifeI would give you the world
  • to see you smiling every day
  • One hundred million and two thousand years
  • from now 曚靴討
  • I want you to know since you came in my life every day
  • every night you give light into the darkest skies
  • All these twelve thousand years
  • I¨ve been loving you

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