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You Are My Sunshine歌词 - 表儿

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  • 作词:赖裕仁
  • 作曲:赖裕仁
  • In this boring night about you with the party
  • And you smokin maryjane you say you wanna get some high
  • Saw you lustful eyes seems to me some massages
  • I am willing to give up everythings for FUCK you
  • 甘说是天注定 让我对你一见钟情
  • 今晚的这个趴踢 我是唯一的lucky man
  • When you leave me alone how can kind of helpless mood
  • Thinkin of the typhoon night braved the rain to adjust drug
  • All the memories of the past scenes in front like movie
  • You in the corner roll K, I am lying on the stone
  • You are my sunshine I miss you everynight
  • 我想要和你Making love
  • You are my sunshine 为你唱出这段纯情的melody
  • Baby, I wanna FUCK you
  • Stars in the shining do you see it?
  • At the moment I wish you stand by me
  • Saw you naked sexy body
  • Wanted all shot in your face~ shot in your face
  • I wanna hold your hand, baby
  • I wanna hold your hand, yeah yeah
  • I wanna hold your hand, baby
  • I wanna hold your hand, in tonight

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