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I BELIEVE歌词 - 福原美穂

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  • 作詞:“AB”Belinfanti and Kenneth Kobori
  • 作曲:福原美穂、2SOUL
  • 演唱:福原美穂
  • 福原美穂-I BELIEVE
  • I’m Calling everyone,
  • and I’m making a confession
  • Got a new man in my life,
  • so amazing I could cry and,
  • I bet you didn’t know,
  • that he has the best profession
  • Flying through the snow all night,
  • giving toys at Christmas time, and
  • He knows when I’m good,
  • when I’m bad, my emotions and
  • He knows what to do
  • when I’m in need of special loving
  • He sees all my dreams,
  • all my thoughts and everything
  • That’s the reason he’s the only one in my heart.
  • I believe I believe
  • I believe in Santa Clause and
  • When I close my eyes,
  • he will be with me tonight and
  • I believe I believe
  • I believe it’s true,
  • Santa Clause is coming over,
  • so there’ll be no more Christmas for you
  • I called to let you know,
  • that I found somebody better
  • The only man I’m dreaming of,
  • the only one who knows Christmas love, So,
  • That’s why I sing this song,
  • couldn’t write it in a letter
  • Cuz I Never ever felt this way,
  • and even though he’s far away.
  • I know when he’s good,
  • when he’s bad, his emotions and
  • I know what to do
  • when he’s in need of good good loving
  • I see all his dreams,
  • all his thoughts and everything
  • That is why I’ll always keep him close to my heart
  • I’ve never known love like this before.
  • I found what I need and so much more
  • A fantasy world of Christmas,
  • With the magic and the wonder of the snow
  • Ho Ho Hooooooooooooooooooo

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