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夕阳歌词 - jacuzzi

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  • 作词:林意倩
  • 作曲:林意倩
  • 编曲:黄少雍
  • 旋律围绕在你耳边 节奏拍打 da-da-di
  • 瞬间 河堤边缘两人的缠绵
  • 抚平了我沉默慌张的容颜
  • 宁静自由的空间 只有一人享受的时间
  • 突然片刻还是有点孤独 因为没有你的出现
  • I want to stay with u
  • but have the shows on to when will we be together again
  • and I wonder Maybe this is not the right time
  • til' I find my best way to go on
  • 表演前的宁静空闲的时间
  • 有一丝悠闲一丝紧张一丝兴奋些
  • 太阳好在天边我的声音释放完全
  • 音符震动空气突然浮现你的脸
  • Have no doubt ,sing it out loud
  • listen to my sound, with the rhythm
  • you n' me are just jumping up n' down
  • you hold the tambourine and I got my lyrics
  • we're listening to the song playing out to hit the ground !
  • Now this is our time , getting natural high
  • we touch each mind through the melody flowing by our both side
  • become our energy , our food
  • automachine providing power to go
  • on the show, we're living for the life to grow

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