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Waste Your Time歌词 - jacuzzi

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  • 作词:林意倩
  • 作曲:林意倩
  • 编曲:Jacuzzi
  • 转一个身 你可以 很潇洒掉头就走
  • 时间不跟你一起 重复绕同一个圆
  • 等候but you don't think so
  • 你试着让我陷入进退两难步伐之中
  • 回味那香醇渴令人陶醉的美酒
  • 爱不是你仅有的占有权 why do I still turn on the light?
  • Maybe one day U'll realize
  • No one would like to stay in ur life
  • Becoze they don't wanna waste ur time
  • I don't wanna waste ur time
  • Coz I don't belong to ur life I don't wanna waste ur time
  • Coz U cut my heart with da time
  • Now I try to forgot it how
  • U've been treated me I'm bleeding, can't U see?
  • How many times I wanted to forgive
  • U No I can not Pretend like there is nothing happened
  • Even try to say a word
  • 看透这一切原来 失去的青春停止再流逝 多么讽刺

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