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Green (木吉他版)歌词 - 李宇春&麦田守望者

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  • 麦田守望者 - Green (木吉他版)
  • 专辑名称:Green
  • music
  • if you brush a line to the sky
  • paint a big tree in your mind
  • together we face towards the sun
  • like forests we stand
  • if we can be the pouring rain
  • rushing down into the lakes
  • from the rivers to the sea, deep blue sea
  • Can you feel that life is rolling
  • Endless, wild and sweet
  • Can you feel that life is passing
  • It’s a beautiful world for you
  • can you keep the legend going
  • let it kill the pain
  • can you hear a voice is calling~
  • from me to you
  • when you’re young and when you’re green
  • save all the beautiful things
  • with pride and love we sing
  • “see, we can show you ”
  • we will paint the green to the sky
  • green, no grey no cries
  • for peace and truth (light) in life
  • “see we can show you ”
  • The end..

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