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love theme 1990(恋曲1990英文版)歌词 - 李翊君

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  • Baby,when I´m feeling blue
  • I keep thinking of you
  • Maybe one day you will see
  • My sweet dreams come true
  • When I call you on the phone
  • I get worried inside
  • Try so hard to tell the words
  • I´m longing to say
  • Whenever I meet you, girl
  • I don´t know what to say
  • I just love the way you smile
  • that makes me feel fine
  • When I get so close to you
  • I can feel your heartbeat
  • How I love to see your eyes
  • Looking so shy
  • Everything is clear to see that
  • You are in love with me
  • Giving me a destiny that I can´t reach
  • Being with a lady like you
  • I´ll never ask for more
  • Give me something I can hold on
  • Til the end of time

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