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All My Love歌词 - 倪安东

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  • 作词:倪安东
  • 作曲:倪安东、Skot Suyama (陶山)
  • 编曲:Skot Suyama (陶山)
  • When I look in your eyes
  • oh to look in big brown eyes
  • It takes me by surprise how innocent you are
  • would you give me your hand
  • and together we'll leave footprints in the sand
  • You're the one that makes me be a better man
  • and I'm your man
  • so what's the plan
  • for when the clouds...with their frowns come we'll turn them with a smile
  • We'll be singing in the rain, we'll sing it loud....we sing it proud
  • that when you run I'll run
  • and when you jump I jump
  • You made the choice an easy one
  • When you had me at hello
  • I wanna be the one
  • who gets the chance to fly with you
  • but the journeys yours to make on your own
  • So I'll send you with all my love
  • You take my breath away
  • When you move with amazing grace
  • You make me wanna stand by you forever and a day
  • When I Look in yours
  • I'm shooting through the stars oh how they shine
  • I'll be your man until the end of time
  • So we got time to walk the line
  • Whoa whoa
  • This songs for you

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