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  • 作詞:Paul Anka/Lucien Marie Antoine Thibaut
  • 作曲:Claude Francois/Jacques Revaux
  • 編曲:根岸孝旨
  • And now, the end is near
  • And so I face the final curtain
  • You cunt, I’m not a queer
  • I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
  • I’ve lived a life that’s full
  • With each and every highway
  • Absurd, much more than this
  • I did it my way
  • Regrets, I’ve had a few
  • But then again, too few to mention
  • I did what I had to do
  • I saw it through without exception
  • I’ve planned, in doubt, a cup
  • Been careful too, along the highway
  • And more, much more than this
  • I did it my way
  • There were times, I’m sure you knew
  • When there was fuck, fuck, fucking else to do
  • But through it out, when there was doubt
  • I shook it up or kicked it out
  • I faced the wall and the war
  • And did it my way
  • I’ve loved, and been a snide
  • I’ve had my fill, my share of living
  • And now, the tears subside
  • I find it all so amusing
  • To think, I killed a a?…
  • And may I say, not in the day way
  • Oh no, oh no not me
  • I did it my way
  • For what is a prat, what has he got?
  • When he wears hats, and he cannot
  • Say the things he truly feels
  • But only the words of one who kneels
  • The record shows I took the blow
  • And did it my way
  • END

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