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Invisible Man歌词 - 我的秘密花园

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  • Artist:98度
  • You can hardly wait to tell all your friends
  • How his kisses taste sweet like wine.
  • And how he always makes your heart skip a beat
  • Everytime he walks by.
  • And if you’re feeling down,
  • He’ll pick you up,
  • He’ll hold you close when your makin’ love,
  • He’s everything you’ve been dreaming of,
  • Oh Baby.
  • Chorus:
  • I wish you’d look at me that way,
  • Your beautiful eyes lookin’ deep into mine.
  • Telling me more than any words could say,
  • But you don’t even know I’m alive.
  • Baby to you all I am
  • Is the Invisible Man
  • You probably spend hours on the phone
  • Talkin’ ’bout nothing at all.
  • It doesn’t matter what the conversation,
  • Just as long as he called.
  • Lost in a love so real and so sincere,
  • You wipe away each other’s tears,
  • Your face lights up whenever he appears.
  • Chorus
  • I see you all the time baby, the way you look at him.
  • I wish it was me sweetheart,
  • Boy, I wish it was me.
  • But I guess it’ll never be.
  • Chorus

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