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Orange sunshinethirsty remix English ver. - gδ

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  • ~gδבꤵ
  • The flashing sun
  • shinin on you and me directly so brightly
  • Our bodies close together well feel the heat
  • Is it the magic orange sunshine?
  • Dont go away
  • hoping the sun will never leave us behind
  • Give me the sparkle of the morning light
  • Stay with me and hold me tight
  • When I reach my hand to you
  • I know youll be there
  • In a mystery world that you created
  • Are the special moments like a sweet fairytale?
  • Then itll last forever thats never ending
  • As everyday goes by suddenly Im lost
  • Maybe the place that I had been
  • is a dream and it never happened and wonder
  • The sweet sea breeze
  • will lead us to teh path of love in a blink
  • Our bodies close together well touch the breeze
  • Tenderly through the two of our hearts
  • I wont ever forget the touch of your lips
  • Im wishing that our love is all for real
  • Stay with me Ill hold you tight
  • In an instant as we kiss well fly to the moon
  • You can take me higher even to a strange world
  • As we walk by the sun setting down from far away
  • I wished to watch this view
  • anytime anyplace promise me forever
  • The sky so blue
  • watching the birds soaring high over the sea
  • Theyll sing the melodies of you and me
  • Softly the music brings us the freedom
  • hoping the sun wont ever leave us behind
  • I pray that this love means
  • eternal and reality
  • Dont let this be just a dream
  • When I wake in the morning sun
  • always be by my side
  • A miracle the sun has given me the power to love you
  • It is the magic orange sunshine
  • I need the wave of your love deeper inside me
  • Stay with me eternally

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    gδOrange sunshinethirsty remix English ver.

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